the new compilation album from MECHA YURI & friends. 

[ meyu · LP-202 ]

to be released AUGUST 1ST


album artwork by fourcolon.

Yall should check this out on August 1st. I dropped a track on this compilation too, and theres alot of other really talented producers on this thing. Mecha Yuri is definitely the label to keep lookout for this year, they’re doing some awesome stuff.


Shoutout to fourcolon for sending me a copy of his new tape, DREAMS.

Head over to his bandcamp to take a listen and maybe pick up a copy for yourself if you want.

Im glad the tape got to you safely. 

Its looking pretty nice if I do say so myself.

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Track 1 off of the D R E A M S album.

Download it for free here, and if you want there are also some cassettes available for $5.

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Kimagure Orange Road (EP 3)

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My favorite anime is Chief Keef.

Hopefully senpai notices me and my crew flexxin’



After a long time, its finally here. An hours worth of airy, breathy cloud rap beats have come together in this convenient pink tape.

Come dream with us. 

Available for pre-order on Friday July 11th (tomorrow), for $5 on my bandcamp.

The album and cassette pre-orders are up!

Thank you thank you thank you so much to everyone who has already downloaded and bought a tape in the first 24 hours, I really appreciate it. The support has been unreal, and Im glad I can finally share this album with all you guys. Grab the hour long cloud trap album for free on my bandcamp.